Export of QLSC codification files in PDF format#

In order to facilitate the use of codification files in field surveys, the plugin integrates a tool for converting QLSC files into a PDF table, a readable format in many tools and allowing for example to easily print the codification.

processing qlsc2pdf

This processing first uses the export of the codification to CSV before printing the output table using the QGIS print composer, via a QGIS project.


Why a project rather than composition models ? At the time of the initial development, this was the only stable mechanism available in all versions of QGIS. Want to modernize this mechanism ? Why not propose or fund the development of this idea ?


In this processing, it is possible to:

  • select the [QLSC] file to export

  • select the QGIS project to use for the export

  • the name of the layout to be used for the export

  • where to store the output file (in memory or on disk)


Output result#

qlsc2pdf result


A QGIS project containing print templates is delivered with the plugin: processing/export/codificationLayoutTemplate/project.qgz. Overview of the simple layout:

qlsc2pdf map composer