• QGIS 3.6

  • some Python packages listed into requirements/base.txt (normally, already included in QGIS):

Typically on Ubuntu:

python3 -m pip install -U -r requirements/base.txt

Stable version (recomended)#

This plugin is published on the official QGIS plugins repository:

Beta versions released#

Intermediary version (alpha, beta…) are sometime published on the official repository in the experimental canal.

To access these versions, enable experimental extensions in the QGIS plugins manager settings panel.

Earlier development version#

If you define yourself as early adopter or a tester and can’t wait for the release, the plugin is automatically packaged for each commit to master.

For this, you can use this address as repository URL in your QGIS extensions manager settings:

Be careful, this version can be unstable.