Frequent questions#

The CSV is not compatible with LSCI’s?#

No problem, you can convert it using QGIS or many other tools.

If you have already developed your QGIS scripts or models, or if you would like to fund us to do so, contact us.

What is the difference with the solutions like Input or QField?#

[Input] and [QField] are two embedded solutions to collect and edit data in the field. They require the installation of an application on a tablet or smartphone. LSCI[^lsci] only requires the use of the [field notebook] that equips your surveying device (total station or GNSS) like a Trimble TSC3, Leica CS20, etc.

This plugin is intended for surveying brigades used to this kind of codified survey or those wishing to optimize the field survey with this method.


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