Land Survey Codes Import - Documentation#

Description: This plugin allows you to easily import data from a land survey (GPS or total station) to draw automatically in a database using a codification (aka Field Codes). It consists of a codification editor and a processing in the toolbox.
Authors and contributors: Loïc Bartoletti (Oslandia), Julien Moura (Oslandia), Jacky Volpes (Oslandia)
Version of the plugin: 0.3.0
Minimum version of QGIS: 3.6
Maximum version of QGIS: 3.99
Source code:
Last update of the documentation: 19 July 2022

Why this plugin?#

The LSCI[^lsci] (Land Survey Codes Import, translated Survey Codification) plugin allows to manage in QGIS the codified surveys coming back from the field surveys performed by the topographers.

How does survey codification work in a GIS?#

The logic of using LSCI[^lsci] is close to any such tool on a CAD software[^dao].

It is composed of:

The integration in QGIS and especially in the processing toolbox paves the way for automated use in end-user processing chains.

What GIS land survey allows compared to CAD#

If we consider that GIS is CAD[^dao] with attributes, we obtain a plan of greater graphic quality and with a greater wealth of information. The management of geometry and topology rules make a plan made with GIS tools more than a drawing.

Making your topography plan directly in a GIS like QGIS will allow you to:

  • to add attributes to your drawing.

    • the plugin manages the addition of attributes according to your codes thanks to its complete integration in QGIS;

  • easy import and export in GIS and CAD format;

  • processing sequence (e.g.: import of the field notebook, then sequence of the verification of the quality of the plan).

What the plugin does not allow#

The plugin is not a surveying tool. You will have to make your calculations beforehand.

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