Create compliance configuration file#

Use the create_config_logo icon to open the configuration wizard:

  1. Choose the dataset format among the supported types

  2. Select the dataset file (or folder in the case of shapefile(s))

  3. Next

  1. Layers found in the reference dataset

  2. General checks for the selected layer

  3. Fields of the selected layer with checks that can be enabled for compliance

  4. Geometry and topology rules checks (valid geometry, null geometry, empty geometry, duplicates, overlaps)

  5. Geometry specific checks for the selected layer

  1. Choose a path to save the configuration file

  2. Finish

It is possible to edit an already existing configuration file with the icon edit_config_logo and loading the file to edit.

When loading the configuration, a notification message will appear if at least 1 field has been added/deleted on one of the layers identified in the configuration file. The message lists the added/deleted field(s) per layer.

If less than 5 fields have been added for a layer, the message will list each field. However, if more than 5 fields have been added, only the first 5 will be listed. The number of additional fields will be indicated.

The same principle is applied for deleted fields.