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SFCGAL::algorithm::ConsistentOrientationBuilder Class Reference

Make orientation consistent in a triangle set. More...

#include <ConsistentOrientationBuilder.h>

Public Types

typedef graph::GeometryGraph::vertex_descriptor vertex_descriptor
typedef graph::GeometryGraph::edge_descriptor edge_descriptor
typedef graph::GeometryGraph::directed_edge_descriptor directed_edge_descriptor

Public Member Functions

 ConsistentOrientationBuilder ()
 default constructor More...
void addTriangle (const Triangle &triangle)
 add a Triangle More...
void addTriangulatedSurface (const TriangulatedSurface &triangulatedSurface)
 add a TriangulatedSurface More...
TriangulatedSurface buildTriangulatedSurface ()
 get the resulting TriangulatedSurface where each connected part has consistent orientation. More...
size_t numTriangles () const
 returns the number of triangles More...
Triangle triangleN (const size_t &n) const
 returns the n-th triangle More...
const std::set< size_t > & neighbors (const size_t &n) const
 [advanced]use after buildTriangulatedSurface More...

Detailed Description

Make orientation consistent in a triangle set.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ directed_edge_descriptor

◆ edge_descriptor

◆ vertex_descriptor

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConsistentOrientationBuilder()

SFCGAL::algorithm::ConsistentOrientationBuilder::ConsistentOrientationBuilder ( )

default constructor

Member Function Documentation

◆ addTriangle()

void SFCGAL::algorithm::ConsistentOrientationBuilder::addTriangle ( const Triangle triangle)

add a Triangle

◆ addTriangulatedSurface()

void SFCGAL::algorithm::ConsistentOrientationBuilder::addTriangulatedSurface ( const TriangulatedSurface triangulatedSurface)

◆ buildTriangulatedSurface()

auto SFCGAL::algorithm::ConsistentOrientationBuilder::buildTriangulatedSurface ( )

get the resulting TriangulatedSurface where each connected part has consistent orientation.

SFCGAL::Exceptionif such a TriangulatedSurface can't be built

◆ neighbors()

const std::set< size_t > & SFCGAL::algorithm::ConsistentOrientationBuilder::neighbors ( const size_t &  n) const

[advanced]use after buildTriangulatedSurface

◆ numTriangles()

size_t SFCGAL::algorithm::ConsistentOrientationBuilder::numTriangles ( ) const

returns the number of triangles

◆ triangleN()

auto SFCGAL::algorithm::ConsistentOrientationBuilder::triangleN ( const size_t &  n) const

returns the n-th triangle